Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recycled Project Continues

I am continuing to do some work on my recycled project today. It is still snowing! It has been snowing now for 3 days. It makes walking difficult. Oh well, I will have to do the stairs in the house a couple of 100 times today, yeah right like that will happen.
So, I have been trying to get my little recycled wool project finished. I started to do a blanket stitch around the piece of recycled wool. However, it was not really working well, because the textured wool did not really hold the yarn too well on the edge.
So, then I took some natural overdyed Dorr flannel weight wool which was chosen for the color. It was overdyed with "Republic Red" formula, a beautiful deep rich red color by Susan Quicksall from her book "Dying For Color", (her book and samples may be purchased directly from her) (
Anyway, I ripped 1 inch strips of the wool cloth and used it for a binding - see photo. Then I was able to successfully do my blanket stitch or button hole stitch (same stitch) around the piece of wool as it had much more body. The waist band was much easier to work with as it was already double the wool fabric. Well, at least I am continuing to learn something new. I had never done a blanket stitch before this project - only ever saw it on something and admired the look.


  1. Hi Tony,
    Whatever it is you're creating it is a wonderful color! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what it is!! I love the suspense!! Cathy G

  2. Hi Tony--thanks for sharing your process with this piece. It looks like you machine stitched the 1 inch piece so that the edges was fortified? Was that tedious to do? What is this going to be when it's done?



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