Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dying for Spring...

OK Mother Nature has been fooling with our weather again. It was WINDY and COLD this weekend with RAIN and SLEET....So, I dabbled in the dye of my favorite things to do. I had some orders to fill for some students and customers. Here are some of the results....
I dyed this skein of RAGG 2 ply in the microwave. Here it is cooling on the back deck. The yarn is Briggs and Little 2 ply RAGG.
This is what it looks like dried and twisted. It is a nice soft spring green.
I used Wanda's float or wandering method to dye this . It is a lovely parade of browns. The wool is Dorr natural.
Here it is dried and ready for hooking. It is simply delicious. I hope the richness and variation of color and value comes through. Yummy!

This one does not have a before. I got carried away and forgot to take the photos of it in the electric fry pan. I used a spot method to get this wonderful beauty. Inspired by maple syrup and sugaring off. The yarn is Briggs and Little 2 ply Heritage natural.
Another one that escaped the camera. What can I say my hands were busy....LOL. Anyway, I dyed this one in the electric fry pan as well. It is also spotted with several colors to yield this softness. The yarn I started with is  Briggs and Little 4 ply washed white.

Monday, April 4, 2011


In Montreal we have been seeing some signs of Spring! In the park yesterday I saw crocus on the sunny side of the park.
Also, I heard them long before I was able to see them..Canada Geese...These are one of my definite signs that Spring has really sprung! I will say that and we will have more snow, as we did this morning mixed with rain.
Oh well, you know what they say "April showers bring May flowers." Bring it on!


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