Monday, January 18, 2010

Dancing As Fast As I Can....For A Monday!

Do you ever feel like you are dancing as fast as you can? Today was one of those days for me....It was Monday, after all. The news this morning announced that we have had only 13 hours of sunlight here in Montreal this month so far. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am feeling deprived! Maybe even a little SAD....So, my energy stores had to step up to the bat today. I noticed that most of the people I work with were also feeling a little lethargic as well. However, I will admit I am extremely grateful for all this mild weather, and the bare sidewalks. The gloomy skies seem to go hand and hand with the mild weather so I guess I will have to count my blessings!


  1. I feel sun deprived too and it is only Jan.

  2. I'm trudging right along ith you, Tony! While, as a runner, I'm always grateful for ice-free sidewalks, I could use a little sunshine! Luckily, there's always music to change a mood. Have you listened to any good Bluegrass lately? It may not be your cup of tea but it sure raises my spirits to listen it on gloomy days!



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