Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering Kilims

If you have been following me you know that I LOVE Kilims....
This is a Kilim that I designed in a class with Anne Boissinot...awhile ago...the hooking has been finished for awhile and I have been struggling with how to finish it. I have whipped both sides (long) ( only one is whipped in this photo). I want to fringe the rug warp that remains on each end. BUT before I do that I needed (wanted) to put some kind of finishing stitch to hold the loops in place and prevent fraying....with the help of THE big giant head....I put two rows of single crochet in corresponding colored wool (to the whipping) and I am happy with that. I will now remove the weft threads and knot the warp threads to make a fringe....stay tuned for more progress...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mother's Matrix Mat...and More

Design by Jen Manuell
Hooked by Lois Latham (my Mom)
I was visiting my Mom over the holidays and snapped up this photo of her Zipper rug from Jen Manuell's Amazing Matrix Booklet. I think it is really beautiful - simple, colorful and fun.

I have been at it again - knitting that is.....I have finished another September Circle. This time in blues and mauves...I could be addicted....I love all that lacy-ness going on....
I have NOT given up on hooking. As I said last week, I have been trying to hook a little each day. Sometimes easier said than done, however.... my studio looks like an explosion happened...
One of my large work tables is completely covered with my various piles see I NEED to see my palette in front of me to see what colors I will put next to each understand ...right???
I gave my niece Camille this funky cowl for her birthday yesterday, called Wasabi Cowl. Although, I made hers from multi-colored thick and thin Australian wool slightly less bulky. She was filled with gleeful delight. She is only 8 years old and was eager to show it off to her friends who, according to her, would be very jealous ! How much fun is that?
I am starting to think I may have an addiction....I was shopping at Mouliné neighborhood yarn shop and I could NOT leave without several balls of this YAK yarn ....50% yak and 50 % merino so soft. I wonder what will become of it...?

Well, I 'm off to the dye pots to rescue my wool. I have been dying up a small storm today. I have several orders to complete to keep my wool consumers warm and wooly and hooking :)

Until next time...happy hooking!


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