Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Tis The Season to Be Dyeing...

Lots of yummy colors.....all over textures. Ready to be hooked. Tried to keep my steamy dye kitchen under wraps today as we had SO much humidity (read RAIN) from the tropical storm already...didn't need more to make the house extra humid. It seemed to work, most of the humidity was contained and sucked outside with my venting system. Here are the fruits of my What fun it is to play in the dye pots again. Some of these are dye by eye, but most are reproducible colors....a necessity when customers want the same color...right? These lovelies are headed off in the mail tomorrow...

I hope this post finds everyone safe!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am back at work after being off for awhile on vacation AND being back ....feels kind of....
...nice..... but really is very
Cactus from New York Botanical Gardens

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Give Away Over at ...THE WOOLY RED RUG

Help Laurie CELEBRATE over at The Wooly Red Rug ....A Give Away
Congrats Laurie! The NEW website looks great! 
Wishing you much success!

Find Laurie's New Website Wooly Red Rug Website

 Find Laurie's Wooly Red Rug.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Portrait Study

Here is what I have been working on lately. This past spring/summer I participated in an online class with an amazing instructor - Wanda Kerr. For more info about Wanda and her online classes visit her blog at WandaWorks . The learning experience was exciting and wonderful as I acquired many new skills that will translate into my future work.

 Each student benefited greatly from tons of individual
attention  and assistance to build the skills necessary to hook a portrait independently. The study that we completed incorporated many exercises to build not only our skills, but also our confidence in working with values and shapes to successfully (re)create a portrait in wool.
If you are looking for an enriching learning experience to enhance your hooking and looking skills  - then I suggest checking out what Wanda has to offer.


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