Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Presto Pot

For those of you that have is a photo of the Presto Pot that I have been talking about in my previous posts. It was purchased in the US at Walmart. It was retailing for $19.99, but I think the last time that I saw it the price was up to $21.99. I believe it is called a multi-cooker or kettle cooker. I honestly do not remember exactly.( If anyone knows the exact name please share it with us...thanks). It comes with a glass cover which is not included in this photo and I rarely ever use the cover at all. It also comes with an aluminum basket for deep frying. Some folks use the basket to make spot dyes and or really mottled wool. I rarely use the basket either. The Presto Pot easily holds a 1/2 yard and can hold a yard quite nicely. The temp control allows you to really watch your pot simmer wonderfully.

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