Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kilims: Blue Light

Here is a wonderful light blue. It is called Mandarin Blue Light. It is an Oriental Background color formula from Prisms # 1 (66 Spots and 35 Oriental Backgrounds), a dye book from the Dye Divas Claire deRoos and Nancy MacLennan. This piece was dyed over 1/2 yard of Dorr wool in a Presto Pot (also known as a Kitchen Kettle) with little to NO stirring, hence the mottling. This is an Abrash formula, so the dyes were dissolved in 2 CBW (cups of boiling water), adding the mordant in the 2 cup solution. The first cup of dye solution was used to dye the wool - NO stirring, and then after the dye was taken up, the second cup of dye solution was poured over the wool as the wool was pulled up in peaks. First one side of the wool, flip it over then do the same to the other side. Click on the photo to see the lovely soft color. It is a really pretty blue. Another exquisite color for use in Kilims or your next project. You are going to love this one!

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