Friday, March 5, 2010

My Kilim So Far...

My progress on my Kilim has been slow, but steady. I am a very slow hooker, especially when I am using a # 5 cut. The traditional symbols found in Kilim rugs and carpets have meanings which have been passed down from one generation to the next.
"The patterns and motifs on kilim rugs have a symbolic language. Thus, many symbolic, iconic or indexical motifs (signs) on kilim rugs can help transfer the cultural data of that time to the present day, therefore kilims are media of transferring cultural heredity as well." (Assist. Prof. PhD. Nurdan Taflk›ran - Kocaeli University, Faculty of Communication, Radio, Cinema & TV Dept., Turkey.) 
This "Red" panel represents me.
Here is an iconic figure of a man that represents me. Above me is an icon which symbolizes my hands, used to create the rugs that I make.
Above the hand is an icon of a cross which symbolizes my connection to my spirituality, and my yoga practice (mind/body/soul). 
Here are two more two crosses, one stylized as a flower which relates to my spiritual connection to the earth and my garden and flowers and the other a more traditional representation of a cross which represents for me my profession in the health care field.


  1. Absolutely stunning! I clicked on the photo's to see your hooking close-up and I have never seen such perfect hooking! I love the way you have used the symbols to connect this rug to your life! Dyeing the wool connects it even more to every fiber of your being. Namaste' Tony! Cathy G

  2. Thanks Cathy. I really appreciate your kind words. Namaste, Tony.



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