Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kilims: The Colors Continue

This awesome piece of wool called Great Beauty is a Wandering formula by Wanda Kerr -http://wandaworksinwiarton.blogspot.com/
Wanda used Majic Carpet Dyes to produce this amazing dyed piece of wool. Check out her blog and look for wandering formulas. Click on the photo to see just how rich this one is. It is a great color to use in Kilim rugs. Remember these wandering woolens are chameleon in nature - they will change up a bit to fit in with your other wool choices quite well.


  1. All of your Kilim colors are beautiful. And you are right, they do change up a bit when hooked. It gives a beautiful effect and adds a little interest to backgrounds.

  2. Tony,
    You are very good at wandering!!
    I can't tell everyone that!
    Have you tried the new ones?



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