Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Dye Colors.....Samples

It is snowing again here in Montreal. At least, it makes everything white and bright again. The city workers basically vacuum the snow away...not really vacuum, but they do blow it into giant trucks and haul it away so as we can still get around the city streets and sidewalks.

I recently purchased some new Prochem washfast acid dye colors. I have been dying samples of my new colors, a practice I started whenever I get new dyes. This gives me an idea of what the color will look like using my water. There was a time when I resisted buying new dye colors, thinking that I could always make what ever color I needed with my basic dyes. However, I have found that I like to have lots of colors on hand. I liken it to when we were kids and we got our first BIG box of crayons with 64 or more colors. It makes me excited to go into my dye kitchen and play with all of these colors and the possibilities of what I can create are endless.

Here is a sampling of some of my most recent colors and some other colors that were waiting for samples to be made. I dyed over a swatch size (3.5" x 12") natural Dorr wool using 1/128th teaspoon of dye. Remember that our computer monitors are all different, so the colors will vary from computer to computer, however you may get an idea of what the color looks like.

Yellows, Oranges, and Neutrals




  1. Hi Tony,
    Would I love to add a few of those luscious colors to my wool stash! Thanks for your comments on my doggy Christmas post! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and loads of fun hooking with all those new colors! Cathy G

  2. Tony,
    I applaud your intelligence in dyeing samples of new dyes. It saves tons of troubles in the future and it was nice to see the side view stacked up. Hope you are well and we will get talking soon.

  3. Awesome colors. I love how bright they are. Now I have "wool envy"! LOL

  4. Beautiful colours YNOT!Thanks for sharing . . . cute bonhome de neige!



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