Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More From Recycled Project

I managed to get a little done on my recycled project today. I cut off the waist band and dyed that in the same dye bath of Prochem Chili Pepper. Today I took some Heather Green Briggs and Little Heritage 100% wool 2 ply worsted weight and stitched a blanket stitch around the entire waist band. I kept the button for decorative purposes. Have a look.

More to come on this project....
I have been having an interesting learning experience the last few days migrating files from old computer to new one...@#$#%$??&*&!!!!! All is good, NOW! I am also learning to deal with Windows 7 - I am a PC too! Hope you are staying warm wherever you are.


  1. As I said, I know you have a plan... What will it be? Whatever it's going to be, chili pepper is a marvelous colour! Can't wait to see the next post!

  2. Curious to know what you're working on - will stay tuned!



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