Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making/Finding Time to Make Handmade

In the midst of all of the preparations for the amazing race to "THE DAY" (read christmas)... I found some time to make some homemade things - (I took the Handmade Pledge in 2010 and tried as much as possible to adhere to my pledge. So as I have 5 min. today, I thought I would share three little christmas ornaments I punch hooked with Amy's No. 14 punch hook with you. They were given as gifts to three of my dearest colleagues. Most of the 2 ply  wool yarn is Briggs and Little Heritage that was hand dyed by me. Enjoy!


  1. Very sweet ornaments Tony!
    hope you had a great holiday and wishing you all the BEST in 2011!

  2. Happy New Year Tony - your punched ornaments are lovely and I'm sure the lucky recipients were very grateful. I agree with you about the making of gifts and I continue to bestow them. Each year, I vow to start earlier, but never seem to. Maybe that's half the fun.



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