Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rug Show Continues.... The Hooked in The Mountains Exhibit XIV

 Little Crewel
Hooked by Jean M. Fleming
Eagle Bridge, New York
Designed by Patsy Becker

Amena, Child Of Africa
Hooked by Jackie Roop
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Adaptation of Painting by Laura Archer, Montreal Quebec
Aunt Tillie's Garden
Hooked by Wendy Marston
Belmont, Massachusetts
Designed by Barbara Carroll/Woolley Fox

Watching The Fox At Button Bay
Hooked and Designed by Paulette Staats
Braintree, Vermont

Jessica Rules
Hooked and Designed by Sarah Jones
Pine Plains, New York

Hooked by Geraldine North
Hanover, New Hampshire
Designed by Camp Wool

Color Exercise
Hooked and Designed by Jane Drake
Salem, New York

My Buster Rug
Hooked and Designed by Aurora Jeffrey
Calais, Vermont

 Noah's Ark
Hooked and Designed by Sarah Shanahan
Wallingford, Vermont

  Country Hens
Hooked by Mary France
Middleburgh, New York
Designed by Beverly Conway Designs

Hooked By Emily Ewald
Shelburne, Vermont
Designed by American Country Rugs

Hooked by Aurora Jeffrey
Calais, Vermont
Designed by Nancy D. Jewett, Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs

Jeanne's Geometric
Hooked and Designed by Stephanie Krauss
Montpelier, Vermont

  King Of The Steeple And Crosses
Hooked and Designed by Francoise Vezina Gagnon
Ste. Famille, Quebec

Hooked and Designed by Anne Cox
Tenants Harbor, Maine

  Adirondack Stripes
Hooked and Designed by Mary Lee O'Connor
Charlton, New York

  Hidden In The Ivy

Hooked by Donna Sue Shaw
Grand Isle, Vermont
Designed by Primitive Grace


  1. It looks as though you must've spent a whole week in Round Barn! Love these rugs! Watching the Fox is very sweet. I've also added re-chargeable Ott lite to my Christmas list! Costco you say? Is this a fairly recent purchase? Do you know if they're still available there?

  2. Kathleen,
    We bought them last Saturday -21 Nov 2008
    Tony :)

  3. Tony,
    Thank-you so much for sharing these wonderful rugs. It's eye candy for sure for me. Thank-you for following my blog also. I am putting yours on my blogroll too! Pleased to make your acquaintance! Cathy G



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