Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rechargeable Ott Lite

Just how many lights does a person need for hooking? I have two floor Ott Lights, I have a table Ott Light and I have a spiral Ott Light in a student type lamp that clamps onto my stand or nearby table. These are all good lights, however, I find that I use my clamp type lamp with the spiral as I can place the light directly over my work and move it around as needed.

So, one would think that I had enough lights.....right? Well, thanks to a tip from Lucie and Judith, I recently purchased a new Ott Lite from my local Costco. What makes this one interesting is that it is rechargeable. It can be tucked in my hooking trolley and easily used at our monthly hookins where I cannot control the ambient lighting too much other than rely on a bright sunny window when available. So, even if I do not have access to an electric outlet I am able to use my new table Ott Lite. And the best part was the new light was under $25. Oooops.....$26.99 + tax....of course.


  1. they are the best thing since warm novembers!
    I LOVE these lights!I got 6 of them!

  2. What an awesome tip - I am going to try to go to Costco this weekend and look for one. Thanks for sharing...


  3. Let your little light shine Tony !



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