Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Can you imagine how you would feel if someone copied your design of your rug???? Can you imagine if you were a supplier/designer and someone ripped off one of your designs???? Copy right laws are very clear....and yet people continue to steal. Isn't it interesting that someone would not go into a store and steal a pair of gloves...however, they feel OK about stealing someone else's idea or intellectual property. How difficult is it to give credit to the original artist or owner of the rights - not very. This is so LAME........ :(


  1. Tony, So glad to see you posting, but SO sorry that this has happened to you. It's a creepy feeling that many of us have had to deal with too. I don't like to let myself go to the "that angry place"...but...I do believe in karma...and only hope these thiefs get their do sooner rather than later. ~L

  2. Tony,
    You are cracking me up!
    I think I might dye up the shades of lame, what do you think? Could we make a rug of Goldilocks?
    your ugi yogini

  3. Thanks for the comments...
    I realize that this is a sticky subject....too HOT, too COLD definitely not just right!
    While this did NOT happen to me personally...it still makes me WILD that someone who is so respected for "THEIR" designs has passed someone else's work as their own.....AND the majority of hookers out there will never know and continue to hold this person in HIGH esteem.....where is the "Justice League" when you need them....

  4. This probably happens more now with the internet as people share their beautiful creations. I think some people just don't get it, copyright that is. If it out there then they feel they can copy. I think sites like pinterest will only make it worst. I pin, but try my best to add the artist name to the creation. but it's difficult when people pin and just caption things like nice, beautiful or like.

  5. Tony, I think that even without pointing fingers at the culprits, they get a reputation for the despicable thing they do.

    I used to give people the benefit of the doubt - that they were influenced "subconsciously" by something they had seen before, but then I took off my Pollyanna pants and realized that there are indeed bandits out there in every community. The only consolation comes in knowing there are more "goodies" than "baddies" and that the latter will soon be known for who they are.

    1. the best story ever about this....

      Once upon a time there was a famous rug hooking designer P. who lived in the US and everyone though she was marvelous. She had some very unique and whimsical patterns and told everyone that she had drawn them all herself. One day another rug hooker W. was in a gift shop and happened upon an art card with an eerily similar painting on the front (not by P.). She promptly purchased the card, wrote an innocent/unrelated greeting inside and mailed it to P., with no mention at all of the artwork.

      Sometimes it takes a very long time, but eventually everyone gets their just desserts....

  6. Rats! I just typed up a long thoughtful comment...and just before pressing 'submit' the page reloaded. Grrrrrrr!

    So here is the Coles Notes version....

    We are all influenced by things we have seen before - yesterday, last week, two years ago or forty years ago...the images are stored in our brains, in our scrapbooks, on our Pinterest, dragged onto our desktops, whatever. Even if you don't seek out eye candy, we are surrounded by items conceived, designed, created and refined by humans, and they add influence. It is pretty difficult (impossible?) to consider yourself free of influence...unless perhaps you've been living in a cave for all of your life.

    For me, what it all comes down to is recognizability and amount of influence/inspiration. When you look at Z, do you see A? How long does it take you to see A in Z? It it 5% A? 40% A? 80% A? or an incredible 99% A?

    If you lay a piece of paper (netting, red-dot, fabric) over another image and trace it, it's undeniably COPYING. Obviously photocopying is COPYING - it's even included right in the word. Everything else is a bit of a big grey area...but I guess a simple test is to ask yourself how you would feel if the creator(s) of the source(s) of your inspiration were to suddenly appear and see your work? Would you proudly share and excitedly discuss it with him/her? Or would you feel ashamed and embarrassed?

  7. Good morning Tony
    I too have been thinking about your post--and did one today myself on the same topic. It is essential to keep all this front of mind--just how much 'influence' is ok? I know when I love a teacher, or work--I am influenced--but I hope I have put it all thru my own lens--and as I grow as an artist, my style is becoming more mine. Thanks for posting this and making me think.



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