Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dying for Spring...

OK Mother Nature has been fooling with our weather again. It was WINDY and COLD this weekend with RAIN and SLEET....So, I dabbled in the dye of my favorite things to do. I had some orders to fill for some students and customers. Here are some of the results....
I dyed this skein of RAGG 2 ply in the microwave. Here it is cooling on the back deck. The yarn is Briggs and Little 2 ply RAGG.
This is what it looks like dried and twisted. It is a nice soft spring green.
I used Wanda's float or wandering method to dye this . It is a lovely parade of browns. The wool is Dorr natural.
Here it is dried and ready for hooking. It is simply delicious. I hope the richness and variation of color and value comes through. Yummy!

This one does not have a before. I got carried away and forgot to take the photos of it in the electric fry pan. I used a spot method to get this wonderful beauty. Inspired by maple syrup and sugaring off. The yarn is Briggs and Little 2 ply Heritage natural.
Another one that escaped the camera. What can I say my hands were busy....LOL. Anyway, I dyed this one in the electric fry pan as well. It is also spotted with several colors to yield this softness. The yarn I started with is  Briggs and Little 4 ply washed white.


  1. I absolutely love that brown you dyed! The variation and color are exquisite-- well done!

  2. So yummy. That green is like celery and the periwinkle is my favourite colour of all. I can see you are gearing up for both hooking and punching. And that was the perfect way to ingnore silly Mother Nature's weekend. We had it here too - with snow.

  3. OHHHH! Wonderful results! Those three colors together get my creative juices flowing! Can't wait to see what you are creating!
    Cathy G



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