Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Main à Dieu (Hand Of God) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Main-a-Dieu is a picturesque fishing village situated on the east coast of Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia. Translated from the French meaning "Hand of God", there is also a belief that the name may have evolved from the Mi'kmaq (First Nation Peoples) "Mendoo" or "Mundoo" referring to the spirit of evil, possibly referring to the number of shipwrecks in the early years.
Fishermen arrived here shortly after the founding of Louisbourg, and later settlers were of Irish, Scottish and English descent. A Roman Catholic Church was begun in 1817, and took a number of years to complete. Schooling existed as early as 1846. Fishing continues to be the main industry, however this suffered a decline in the early 1980's.
Another beach to explore; and as you can plainly see there is no one to be seen. The coast is rugged and the beach looks as inviting as the many others we have explored. I wonder just how far we can walk on this beach. Sunshine, ocean breezes, and good company is what it is all about these days.

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