Saturday, May 1, 2010

What to Do With All Those Cut Strips of Wool......

What to do with all those cut strips of wool...Here is a wonderful idea from my Mom. She did a sort of variation of an inch mat. The count is 6 loops for the outside square, 4 loops for the middle line, and then 2 loops for the inside little square. Then the black or dark grid line surrounds it all. Make it as big or small as you wish. Here is a finished mat. Enjoy!

Here is another version without the grid lines.

These little scrap mats were designed and hooked by Lois Latham.


  1. Fun, fun rugs! How big are the squares? You mentioned how many loops, but do you know the actual measurement? Great way to use up leftover worms, that's for sure! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Tony, I see where some of your talent comes from! These are just lovely!!! My compliments to your Mom!~Laurie

  3. Gayle,
    The strips are a #5 cut so, I think 6 loops is about an inch, so maybe an inch square for the little squares and then a 2 inch square inside the black grid lines. Hope this makes sense.
    Thanks for the kind words. Hooking is really a family activity. My Mom's grandmother hooked her own rugs from old clothes and her own spun wool yarn.

  4. Tony,
    How wonderful that the hooking tradition was passed down in your family! You are keeping the tradition alive very well! Your Mom did a great job on the inch mat. I love all those colors put together so artistically! Very nice! Cathy G

  5. Thanks for this inspiration, Tony. Love your Mom's rugs. Just was looking at the huge basket I have of unused cut strips. Would make a good pick up project to do something like this.
    Hope you had a great turnout for the opening of the show and that you get great crowds of people and lots of interest in hooking. JAK

  6. Lois is a genius... but we knew that.

  7. sorry to be so ignorant but i have never heard of hooking until 15 minutes ago when i saw a Tony Latham hooked rug on internet. totally blew me away. I learnt to crochet at convent when i was 8. Made about 10 big granny blankets and have done nothing since (I am in my late 50s). I am going to the craft shop tomorrow to buy some colors to try to crochet a blanket like Tony's hexagonal hooked rug. I will learn the basics from YouTube and see what happens. Am so fired up. Thank you so much for posting your pictures. They are truly moving.



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