Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kilims: Unusual Red

Here is a really unusual color. It is called "Hearth Stone". It is yet another color by Susan Quicksall from her dye book Dying for Color.  Check out her website here. Can you tell I am a HUGE fan of her colors??? Anyway, this piece was dyed using Prochem dyes over 1/2 yard of Dorr natural in a Presto Pot (also called Kitchen Kettle) with only enough water to cover the wool with little to NO stirring. There are some lovely variations in value. This is a really great color for a Kilim or for your next project.  Click on the photo to see this wonderfully unusual red.


  1. Another beautiful color Tony.

  2. Tony, thanks for stopping over at my blog. I've had you on my blog roll for a long time, but I wasn't a "follower". Now I am!!!
    Your dyeing technique is wonderful.

  3. WOW! Once again, Tony. Just had to write, although I don't have anything new to say, except I think these dye colours the past several days are wonderful!!!!!!! I've checked out Susan's site and will save some pennies to get her book. Really see lots of possibilities for Compost and the others would be great to have as I start to build up a stash of dyed colours! Thanks again for inspiration! JAK from TWM



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