Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kilim Colors Continue

This is Bryce Canyon. A dye formula from Prisms #3 - Color In Motion by Dye Divas - Claire deRoos and Nancy MacLennan. It is one of the ABRASH colors.
Midnight Stroll
Designed and Hooked by Jocelyn Guindon
(the dessert floor is hooked with Bryce Canyon)

What is Abrash?

Abrash is a color variation or stripe of a slightly different hue across the body of a carpet, the result of a slight color difference in the dye lots used.
This is Golden Glow. Another dye formula from the Prisms #3 dye book. It is also dyed with the ABRASH technique. Notice the dark and light and medium values in the same piece of wool. Hooking this piece of wool will produce the ABRASH look in your rug. This technique will aid the rughooker in replicating the look of a flatwoven Kilim with the variations in color.

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